Life Verses for a Radical Modern Faith

What does the old testament mean for the faith of Christians today? Here is a good starting point from Shirley at Satisfaction Through Christ

Israel's Prophets Speak Out to Your Modern Faith The Old Testament isn't exactly the most joyous chunk of books to camp in. It's judgement heavy and light on mercy. The OT standard for living is set at practically perfect while the list of "Don'ts" is insurmountably long. And let's not forget those downright creepy moments that we all just want to gloss over. Of course we have … [Read more...]

Six Verses that Teach Us to Rest in God

Six Life Verses That Teach Us to Rest in God | Satisfaction Through Christ

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting STC in such a tangible way. Scripture Says You Are Called to Rest in God. Friends, some days as I write and type and search the scriptures, I wish so much that I could chat with you in person, talk to you about how good our God is, and marvel at His eternal love (Psalm 136) with you. This is one of those … [Read more...]