Longing For Safe People

Unmet longings invade every aspect of our lives and span the length of time. They may or may not be fulfilled. They may or not even be recognized. During the Allume conference this past weekend, a key message by Sophie Hudson opened my eyes to a longing that I didn’t know that I had...a longing for safe people. This longing is not something unattainable. It can be totally … [Read more...]

There Are Few Things I Know For Sure

I Know For Sure | Satisfaction Through Christ

  There are few things that I know for sure One, is that God’s love for me is nothing but pure He sent His only Son to die for me His unconditional love sets me free His grace covers all my sin and shame He not only created me, He calls me by name He never leaves me or turns away There is no price for my soul, He wouldn’t pay His Word will stand for all … [Read more...]

The Story Of Our Lives

Our Lives Portray Christ What began as a great day at church ended up anything but great. Over this past Labor Day, the wife of one of my longtime friends was driving home after church when the unthinkable happened. She turned left onto the street where her subdivision is located. As soon as she turned, her van collided with a motorcyclist who had lost control of his … [Read more...]