I Have Stepped Into a Big Mess + Grace & Truth {Week 22}

Have you stepped in any messes lately? I sure have. As a homeschooling mom and foster mom to young children (not to mention loving, frustrated owner of an elderly dog...ahem), I often feel like I spend my days moving from one mess to another. Whether you're at home or at work, at church or in your community, if you sometimes find yourself in the middle of a mess, today's … [Read more...]

Right Side Up + Grace & Truth {Week 21}

Grace & Truth : A Weekly Christian Link Up

Do you ever feel like the world is turning upside down? I sure do. Right is called "wrong," and wrong is called "right." Good is called "evil," and evil is called "good." In today's featured post, Tiffany from In Grace Always shares a fresh perspective about a familiar Bible verse, encouraging us to stay right side up in a world that is increasingly upside-down. Visit … [Read more...]

He Remembers + Grace & Truth {Week 20}

Have you ever noticed how much God teaches us through children? About life. About relationships. About ourselves. And about our God. In this week's featured post, Rebekah shares a sweet story with a powerful lesson about a Father who keeps His promises and a child who expects Him to. If you sometimes forget to take God at His word, or struggle with believing He will come … [Read more...]

Holy Moments + Grace & Truth {Week 18}

Grace & Truth : A Weekly Christian Link Up

Motherhood is filled with holy moments. The ones that compel your eyes to linger on tiny faces just a little while longer. The ones that pull on your heartstrings and bring tears to your eyes. In today's featured post. Melanie Singleton shares a poem that beautifully illustrates these moments in a way that will touch your soul and inspire you to look for holy … [Read more...]

Meet Lough Fook – My Hero + Grace & Truth {Week 17}

Grace & Truth : A Weekly Christian Link Up

"What can one person do?" Do you ever ask this in the face of such overwhelming problems in our world? Human trafficking, slavery, poverty, disease, starvation, abortion, parentless children, political corruption... and on and on it goes. All too often the sheer numbers involved with these issues mock our insignificance, paralyzing us from doing anything to help. Because … [Read more...]