Remembering Mandy Kelly from Worshipful Living

Tuesday, March 21, started like any other day around our house. I got the kids off to school and came home to do some work.  Around 9:30 a member of our Facebook Mastermind Group (a group of about 10 Christian women bloggers that support one another through blogging and life) posted that she'd seen some chatter on Mandy's Facebook profile and wanted to see how we could pray for her.  It wasn't 20 minutes later that we all realized what was going on... Mandy, her husband Scott, and their … {Read More}

Aren’t We Inherently Good?

When you look into a sweet baby's eyes it's hard to think of that baby as a sinner. When you look at yourself, you know your good intentions and you know the justifications for your own sins. It's tempting to think the baby is good. It's tempting to think we are good; that we aren't "bad" people, committing "those" sins. We think we would likely choose the "good" choice the majority of time. It … {Read More}

Do you understand that the scriptures are the only words that truly comfort? Join me over at Satisfaction through Christ as I discuss this.

Why Won’t You Let Me Comfort You With Scripture?

  Have you ever been in a situation when a friend or family member needed comfort? You use Scripture to try and comfort them and all they do is push it away!  If the person you are comforting is an unbeliever it is understandable that they would not receive it. God tells us in His word, "The word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing." 1 Corinthians 1:18. BUT, what if the … {Read More}

What’s the Deal with Spiritual Gifts?

Charismatic churches and religions are growing, and evangelical churches are jumping in with spiritual gifts tests and classes, so many people are wondering, "What's the deal with spiritual gifts?" Spiritual gifts as a whole are much too large to cover in one blog post. However, I decided to write a little about them because of a comment on my last post, Religion Matters, where I told about … {Read More}

35 Things to Do Instead of Facebook

Let's be honest. For most of us, there's a lot to like about Facebook. I like reading my friends' status updates and looking at their pictures. I like seeing funny or inspirational memes. I like being encouraged through articles and Scriptures posted by others. I like stumbling across a recipe or quick tip that's helpful in my life. I like finding Christian Facebook pages that … {Read More}

Bible as Homeschool Curriculum

I believe that Bible should be taught as part of everyday homeschool curriculum. There. I said it. :) This is a very controversial topic, I have discovered. Now, I am still relatively wet behind the ears when it comes to homeschooling: I have a six year old. But I've attended three different homeschool conventions and read approximately 902,379,032 blogs about the debate on whether or … {Read More}