Remembering Mandy Kelly from Worshipful Living

Tuesday, March 21, started like any other day around our house. I got the kids off to school and came home to do some work.  Around 9:30 a member of our Facebook Mastermind Group (a group of about 10 Christian women bloggers that support one another through blogging and life) posted that she'd seen some chatter on Mandy's Facebook profile and wanted to see how we could pray for her.  It wasn't 20 minutes later that we all realized what was going on... Mandy, her husband Scott, and their … {Read More}

Why do we study everything but the Bible for Bible Study? it is time to get back to the book!

Why Do We Study Everything But the Bible for Bible Study?

  I was scrolling through Pinterest today and clicked on a post that caught my eye. The writer of the post recommended 5 books to be used as Bible Studies.  All the recommendations were books? I cannot say whether they are good or bad books. I have not read any of them. As I read through the post I began to think about this. Someone writes a book, sprinkles a few Bible verses through it … {Read More}

Road Trip Tips

We recently completed a twelve hour road trip. Well, according to the Google maps it should've taken twelve hours; it took closer to 16. A blown tire, a six year old with night terrors, multiple potty get the idea :) We had a wonderful vacation, however, and I cannot recommend enough Gulf Shores, AL. Camping is the way to go, too, if you have access to a pop-up or an RV, even though … {Read More}

Dear Christian Voter

Dear Christian Voter, I was saddened to see that someone recently questioned your love for Jesus because of the way you're voting in the upcoming election. That ought not be so. I hereby affirm you as my brother or sister in Christ by virtue of your faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, not by virtue of the ballot you will cast in any election. I trust that you … {Read More}

Stand Firm :: A Review of War Room

A Review of War Room the Movie Last week, I watched the movie War Room with our small group at church. I had read beaming reviews and I had also read warnings about it promoting contemplative prayer. So I decided to guardedly watch it. I braced myself for viewing an hour of Priscilla Shirer sitting in a closet meditating and chanting. The story line was more involved. However, aside from the … {Read More}

The Bible has a lot to say about compassion, and it's more than just a feeling. Notice how action is always the expected response to feeling compassion.

What Does the Bible Say About Compassion?

  No matter where we look in the world today, we can find needs begging for attention. The same was true in Jesus' day. Throughout the gospels, we're told that Jesus recognized the needs around Him and "felt compassion." And every time, His compassion caused Him to act. When you notice needs around you, do you feel compassion? Does your compassion compel you to action? As … {Read More}