Remembering Mandy Kelly from Worshipful Living

Tuesday, March 21, started like any other day around our house. I got the kids off to school and came home to do some work. ¬†Around 9:30 a member of our Facebook Mastermind Group (a group of about 10 Christian women bloggers that support one another through blogging and life) posted that she'd seen some chatter on Mandy's Facebook profile and wanted to see how we could pray for her. ¬†It wasn't 20 minutes later that we all realized what was going on... Mandy, her husband Scott, and their … {Read More}

Back for good…I hope!

Obviously I've been away for a few months...I started this blog with every intention of chronicling our road to foster care/adoption/pregnancy. I derailed when a few "readers" scoffed at the idea! But, then I thought, I'm doing this for God's glory, not my own, nor anyone else's so...with that aside...I'm back!I doubt that I have any readers out here in the "blogosphere"...but, one of these … {Read More}

The Desires of My Heart

In my first post I talked about our journey to Foster Care and Adoption and how a major desire of mine (still) was to have biological children. I don't know where to begin because I don't know where it really begins...As a child I never was the "girly girl". I had a bag full of Barbie Dolls with nappy hair and no clothes! I definately didn't "mother" them like some little girls do. I never wore … {Read More}

Questions that have no answer…

Tonight I took one of the youth on a Starbucks "date". We occasionally spend some one-on-one time with youth outside of the church setting. For me, it's usually when they initiate and most likely have something they want to discuss. I enjoy this because it lets me know that they trust me and feel comfortable enough to approach me about issues that they are dealing with. My one fear in being a … {Read More}