Remembering Mandy Kelly from Worshipful Living

Tuesday, March 21, started like any other day around our house. I got the kids off to school and came home to do some work. ¬†Around 9:30 a member of our Facebook Mastermind Group (a group of about 10 Christian women bloggers that support one another through blogging and life) posted that she'd seen some chatter on Mandy's Facebook profile and wanted to see how we could pray for her. ¬†It wasn't 20 minutes later that we all realized what was going on... Mandy, her husband Scott, and their … {Read More}

An honest thought packed post about human nature and days when God does not come first. Can we all admit to having these days? More often than we would like? Yup, I think so. | Satisfaction Through Christ

Honesty, Human Nature, & A Prayer

Not much to report from my (quiet) escape. I started my day off yesterday with a couple of dogs laying on my feet and snuggled up against me...they keep me company. I decided to get the dust blown off of me with a (short) trip to the bank and McDonald's for a cup of coffee (I get it from my mother)! I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was, seeing that it is Mickey D's, anyway! I prayed … {Read More}

A few quiet days…

This morning I came down to Clemson for a few quiet days. My aunt and uncle went out of town and needed someone to house/dog sit. I figured this would be a great time to get away with God and really focus on my relationship with him.I know that we don't have to go anywhere to be with God, but sometimes you just need that time away to grow in your relationship with him. Please be in prayer for me … {Read More}

Snow & Birthdays

Last night we had another snow. It was beautiful! I could honestly sit and watch the snow fall for hours. It is definately one of God's greatest and most beautiful gifts (for us in the mid-atlantic/south anyway!)The dogs loved it!It was beautiful! Q left at 6pm last night (when there was only a dusting on the grass) to go to a livestock auction with a member of the church (we really don't live in … {Read More}

Discerning God’s Will

Our topic last night with the youth was "Discerning God's Will". We are doing a weekly Wednesday night study on "A Daily Pursuit of Jesus". Each week we discuss a topic that teens face at school, at home, at church, in the world, etc.I enjoy being an integral part of ministry at our church. I am Q's right hand (wo)man, but more than that, I enjoy learning under his leadership. Sometimes I … {Read More}

No “Real” News…

Our weekend turned out pretty uneventful...which is how I like it most of the time. Yesterday was full of church and Superbowl festivities. I haven't been to church in 2 weeks (we had the ice storm last weekend) and I was ready to get back and see my church family! It was great to see the kids and feel the love!We are now in the process of praying about purchasing a home (we are renting right … {Read More}