What to REALLY Expect as a Mom

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting STC in such a tangible way. Many of you have probably read at least one of the books in the What to Expect series. From prenatal nutrition to childhood development, this series is the go-to resource of many parents when it comes to...well, what to expect! Here's my version...the cold, hard, wonderful … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to REALLY Listen to Your Child

5 Reasons to Really Listen to Your Child As a homeschooling mom to three children, I hear a lot of words throughout my day. Can I get an amen? (Side note: I wonder if there's a formula for determining to what degree the words are multiplied when two of the children are girls...) Words about friends. And dreams. And football. And music. And … [Read more...]

Simple Laundry System {involve the kids!}

simple laundry system

Simple Laundry System It’s time to talk about laundry. We all have it. It just simply needs to be done. Why not get a system in place that makes it easier? And if you have kids, get them involved! Today I want to share my laundry system that works great with my four kids (soon to be 5 when our adoption is complete!). This is not the only way to do it, but after struggling … [Read more...]

Three Pre-K Home School Strategies

Preschool homeschooling strategies and organization tips from Satisfaction Through Chirst

Three Simple Organized Ideas for Early Learning at Home From the moment Paul and I found out we were expecting our son, we knew we wanted to home school him, and any future children. What we didn't know was how. You see, I'm not a teacher. I never wanted to be a teacher. My skill set simply does not lead me to the classroom. In fact, the idea of spending the entire day … [Read more...]

Why Become a Foster Parent?

We didn't realize it at the time, but when my husband and I began to consider foster parenting, we may have had a slight "savior complex" going on. Ahem. We knew there would be sacrifices involved. But we counted them worthwhile as we anticipated swooping into places where children were being severely abused and callously neglected, scooping them up into our arms and … [Read more...]