The Why’s and How’s of Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

We chose A Beka Book for our homeschool program!

Hey Mama! Yeah you, the one who is trying to research homeschooling options. I know you are weighing the pro's and con's and wandering around slightly confused. You may be wondering if you can really do this...? (You can!) You may be wondering if homeschooling is really worth it...? (It is!) Chances are, you are definitely wondering, should I purchase a homeschool curriculum? … [Read more...]

How to Decide What’s Best

“My baby won’t sleep through the night. What should I do?” “My one-year-old is trying to eliminate one of her naps. Is she ready for that?” “My kids watch too much TV. What should I do about it?” "My toddler is becoming a little terror. But she's so cute, I just can't bear to discipline her. I can't stand to see her cry!" “I know I should teach my kids to do chores, but I … [Read more...]

Grace Upon Grace

The artistic flair of washable marker was evidence that he'd been there. I followed the evidence over the wall and behind the door. Hearing the sshh-ing from the closet, I found the culprits. This was the pinnacle of a not-so-great day. It started off well enough and then slipped into chaos faster than lightening strikes the ground. Fights erupted. Retaliations … [Read more...]

1 Corinthians 13 for Parents

Head down, I barreled up the church sidewalk, each foot planted a bit more firmly than normal. I had had all the meltdowns I could take for a Sunday morning, so I passed the screaming three year old to my husband and stormed off. The other two in tow, I marched through the doors with a plastered on smile where we were greeted pleasantly by everyone we saw. Comments of … [Read more...]

Helping Kids Overcome Fear

"Mom, I'm scared." There are few moms and dads who haven't at least once been awakened in the middle of the night by a child's trembling plea for comfort. What's a Christ-following parent to do? How can we help our kids overcome fear? As with most aspects of raising children, there's no quick fix. But I've found these five steps to be helpful as I train my kids to … [Read more...]