Theology for Kids: The Parent’s Role

How do you teach theology to a young child?" I was recently asked this question, and it makes an excellent topic, so today I am beginning a "Theology for Kids" series on my blog. What is Theology "Theology" is a fancy word for the study of God. It comes from two Greek words: theos, which means "god," and logos, which means "word," or "the treating of." Strictly speaking, … [Read more...]

Road Trip Tips

We recently completed a twelve hour road trip. Well, according to the Google maps it should've taken twelve hours; it took closer to 16. A blown tire, a six year old with night terrors, multiple potty get the idea :) We had a wonderful vacation, however, and I cannot recommend enough Gulf Shores, AL. Camping is the way to go, too, if you have access to a pop-up … [Read more...]

Taking Your Little Kids to Big Church

I remember when our son was born; how excited I was that first Sunday to take him to church. I couldn't wait to put him in his little outfit, snuggle him into the baby carrier, and wear him while I worshiped with the community that had supported us throughout our adoption journey. Shortly after that, though, he started to attend the nursery, and then "kids church." We would … [Read more...]

Book Review: Pitchin’ A Fit!

Thus, yelling can become terribly addictive for parents. It feels like a fast track to getting their children's attention, and it leaves them feeling satisfied. - Pitchin' a Fit, page 85. Do you yell? Ever? Are you ever angry with your kids, and unable to deal with them in a gentle, Christlike manner? I am ashamed to admit that I yell, more than I'd like. Some days it seems to … [Read more...]

When Letting Go is Easy

When Letting Go is Easy

Maybe it's because I'm not that sentimental but I find myself in this "should I be sad?" pickle. I hear parents & grandparents all over say things like, "Enjoy it, you'll miss this someday," and the like but when I hear these comments all I can honestly think is "Maybe, but I'm ok with that." Nichole Nordeman recently released a video called Slow Down summarizing the … [Read more...]