A Few of Our Favorite Things: STC Author Christmas Picks & Holiday Gift Guide

Christian Women's Gift Guide | Satisfaction Through Christ | We're sharing a few of our favorite things. A perfect compilation for the Christian woman on your Christmas list!

Christian Women's Gift Guide If you've ever attempted to purchase the perfect gift for the women in your life, you know it can be a task!  What do you get for the woman who has it all?  What about the woman who doesn't want to ask for anything? What about the woman who just doesn't know what to ask for...period?  Well, we have you covered!  The women of STC have handpicked a … [Read more...]

So, You Want to Serve?

Karina talks about the desire to serve in the Kingdom of God | Satisfaction Through Christ

When it comes to serving and ministry, there are so many misconceptions about the needs of people and how to meet those needs. Often, the needs themselves can outweigh the help that is being offered to meet them.  I know that when I look at the needs of the world and even my community, it's overwhelming.  Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of … [Read more...]

Spreading Joy Daily

Get your copy of Spreading Joy Daily and start impacting hearts today!

Feel like you can’t make a difference because you don’t have the financial resources? Have you ever wondered how to make a difference without breaking the bank?  Do you like to see others smile?   Spreading Joy Daily will equip your heart with ideas for each day of the year! Spreading Joy Daily is full of 365 ideas that will get your heart soaring, your mind … [Read more...]

Everyday Ministries for ANY Christian

When thinking of “ministry” think of…. Unto the Least of These… Christian Ministry isn’t just for the Pastor and Assistant Pastors of a Church.  It is for every Christian. Yes, every one of us. There are a million excuses for why people don’t “minister” one to another but none of them are valid or reasonable. When you move past the guilt of wishing you … [Read more...]

Orphans & Adoption: What Can You Do?

  Before Q and I got married I was attending the local community college.  During my last semester I did an internship at a foster care agency in order to fulfill the requirements for an associates degree in Human Services.  A lot of the work I did was in the office but I went out in the field a few times to meet with foster children in their schools or in their foster … [Read more...]