When Letting Go is Easy

When Letting Go is Easy

Maybe it's because I'm not that sentimental but I find myself in this "should I be sad?" pickle. I hear parents & grandparents all over say things like, "Enjoy it, you'll miss this someday," and the like but when I hear these comments all I can honestly think is "Maybe, but I'm ok with that." Nichole Nordeman recently released a video called Slow Down summarizing the … [Read more...]

Thirteen Marriage Lessons

In less than one week, Keith and I will have been married for thirteen years. In some circles, this seems like only a matter of days, but in others, we win the “Longest Married Award” by far. We may barely be in our forties, but having over a decade of marriage under our belts, we’ve learned a thing or two. So today, I present thirteen lessons from thirteen years of marriage! … [Read more...]

Do You REALLY Believe All the Scriptures?

Do you really believe all the Scriptures? I have been in church all my life. I remember going to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night,and Wednesday night. I remember being in Sunday School and participating in many years of VBS. I even taught Sunday School and VBS. I spent 14 years of my adulthood with the same people in the same church. I always believed that "I … [Read more...]

What It Means To See

What it Means to See

One of my favorite truths about God is that He sees me. He sees everything about me, even the darkness of sin that I struggle with, and yet He cares for me enough to die for me, conquer death in His resurrection, and free me from being enslaved to sin. He cleaned me with grace and now I am presented to Him in Christ's righteousness. What an honor! How this lowly person can … [Read more...]

2 Overlooked Truths That Will Change Your Life Today

I scoured the pantry for the chocolate chips, my go-to stash when there's no other chocolate in the house. The search wasn't quite frantic, but it was certainly urgent as I sought what my appetite craved. When I finally conceded to myself that the hunt was in vain, I'm pretty sure my shoulders slumped a little. I wasn't going to get my fix. Not this time. As I … [Read more...]