Simple Laundry System {involve the kids!}

simple laundry system

Simple Laundry System It’s time to talk about laundry. We all have it. It just simply needs to be done. Why not get a system in place that makes it easier? And if you have kids, get them involved! Today I want to share my laundry system that works great with my four kids (soon to be 5 when our adoption is complete!). This is not the only way to do it, but after struggling … [Read more...]

Three Pre-K Home School Strategies

Preschool homeschooling strategies and organization tips from Satisfaction Through Chirst

Three Simple Organized Ideas for Early Learning at Home From the moment Paul and I found out we were expecting our son, we knew we wanted to home school him, and any future children. What we didn't know was how. You see, I'm not a teacher. I never wanted to be a teacher. My skill set simply does not lead me to the classroom. In fact, the idea of spending the entire day … [Read more...]

Game Changing Habits to Teach Your Child

 Game Changing Habits to Teach Your Child I may be a new mom (my daughter is just 10 months old) but I already know of some integral habits I want my child to learn from observing my husband and I.  While verbal communication aids much in the development of a child, I believe that non verbal cues and leading by example are paramount in teaching a child.  We've all heard the … [Read more...]

The Busy Life of a Stay at Home Mom

The Busy Life of a Stay At Home Mom: Thoughts on SAHM, WAHM and the career mom from Kelly. | Satisfaction Through Christ

The Busy Life of a Stay at Home Mom My intent in writing this is just to describe what I do.  Everyone does what is best for themselves and their families.  It is important to know that none of us are better than the other, we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord.  No matter the titles we put on ourselves or each other (WAHM, SAHM, or career Mom), we are all sisters in … [Read more...]

Book Review, Craft and Giveaway: Good Night, Little Pumpkin by: Claire Keay

"Good Night, Little Pumpkin" was given to me to review from the publisher but the opinions are my own. Good Night, Little Pumpkin Review & Giveaway If you are looking for a delightful fall read with your child, look no further!  "Good Night, Little Pumpkin," by: Claire Keay is a board book from Thomas Nelson Publishers, so it is a book that is not only going to last a … [Read more...]