Angels & Shepherds & Wisemen, Oh My! A Nativity Crafts Collection

Felt Nativity Ornament

  My kids love to make crafts and do projects. Since we're focusing on the Christmas story this Advent season, I've compiled a list of Nativity crafts for all ages. Each one of these depicts characters or a symbol commonly found in the Christmas story. There's a great variety here, so kids of all sizes can find one that's age or ability appropriate. Scroll through … [Read more...]

Road Trip Tips

We recently completed a twelve hour road trip. Well, according to the Google maps it should've taken twelve hours; it took closer to 16. A blown tire, a six year old with night terrors, multiple potty get the idea :) We had a wonderful vacation, however, and I cannot recommend enough Gulf Shores, AL. Camping is the way to go, too, if you have access to a pop-up … [Read more...]

Taking Your Little Kids to Big Church

I remember when our son was born; how excited I was that first Sunday to take him to church. I couldn't wait to put him in his little outfit, snuggle him into the baby carrier, and wear him while I worshiped with the community that had supported us throughout our adoption journey. Shortly after that, though, he started to attend the nursery, and then "kids church." We would … [Read more...]

To the Weary Children’s Ministry Worker

Something wonderful happened in our family on Friday. Something miraculous. Actually, make that two somethings wonderful - a double miracle long prayed for but still wondrously surprising. Two of my children made the decision to follow Jesus, receiving Him as their personal Savior.  And quite frankly, I'm in awe. I'm in awe of a God who wants to have a … [Read more...]

When Letting Go is Easy

When Letting Go is Easy

Maybe it's because I'm not that sentimental but I find myself in this "should I be sad?" pickle. I hear parents & grandparents all over say things like, "Enjoy it, you'll miss this someday," and the like but when I hear these comments all I can honestly think is "Maybe, but I'm ok with that." Nichole Nordeman recently released a video called Slow Down summarizing the … [Read more...]