Read and Share Bedtime Bible and Devotional {Review & Giveaway}

I'm thrilled to bring you another awesome giveaway today!   I love bringing you reviews and giveaways of quality Christian material!  Today, I have a great children's Bible and devotional that I'm excited to share with you and Moriah is, too!We received our package and immediately dug in!  Moriah loves books and loved thumbing through it!  I've taken … [Read more...]

Cleaning Out and Finding…Pennies! (Adoption Fund Beginning)

Yesterday I decided to clean out our bedside drawers and "straighten" up a little bit. I ran across a little change and decided to start our adoption "fund"! As you see, it's only 1/8 full and mostly pennies, but God blesses pennies too, right!? We have decided to focus on our first $5,000 at the moment (all the while, praying!) This would take care of the application fee, … [Read more...]