Five Favorite Fritters for Fried Food Lovers

Fried Food Recipes from Shirley @ Satisfaction Through Christ

Say that five times fast. Today I'm apologetically embracing a stereotype. I'm a Southerner who loves fried food. Fried breakfast food, fried lunch food, fried dinner, and yes, especially fried snacks. Deep fried. Pan fried. I'll even take oven fried if I'm desperate. So it's no surprise that I can frequently be found gathering fried food recipes from around the internet. Of … [Read more...]

Explain Your Hope

Explain Your Hope from Satisfaction Through Christ

1 & 2 Peter are my favorites. Of the entire Bible, if I could hold onto just one chunk, that'd be the one I would choose. Of the many times I've poured over those two small but mighty books, 1 Peter 3:15 has never stood out to me and dwelt in my thoughts like it did a few weeks ago. In the HCSB - "but honor the Messiah, as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give a … [Read more...]

Playing Together – Board Games for Couples

My husband and I love the chance to take a date night, but we also love dating at home! We're dishing on our favorite board games so you can try it too! From Shirley @ Satisfaction Through Christ

My husband Paul, and I adore spending time together and we love a good date night. But we're not so crazy about crowds, distractions, and expensive venues and restaurants with odd menus. Suffice it to say, our favorite date nights are the ones we've had at home! We've come up with some really creative at home date nights over the years, but our all-time favorite is staying home … [Read more...]

Five Movies to Watch This Month for a Missions Focused Year

Resolutions that are "all about me" aren't always bad things, but as Christians it's good to set some resolutions that are about others as well. Will you resolve to be more missions-focused this year? From Shirley @ STC

January has come and gone. Resolutions have been made. Some are still progressing and some are already forgotten. We get so disappointed with ourselves, don't we? The New Year comes and we hope for our lives to improve. Then we fall short of our newly made resolutions and wait for the next new year to roll around. But God is the God of new life - and to my way of thinking … [Read more...]

Redeeming Facebook & Being An Online Witness

Is it possible to be a witness for Christ on Facebook without the obnoxious threat posts and lengthy sermons? What does the Bible say about representing Jesus online? 3 PRACTICAL suggestions from Satisfaction Through Christ to "redeem Facebook" and help you realign your Facebook with your faith!

Applying God's Word to Facebook If you had the chance to meet me in person and thought, "Hey, she's a cool chick. I'd like to have her as a friend. Maybe chat every now and then." And then you asked me if I had Facebook. I would say. "Nope." You would look shocked and ask, "Twitter?" "Uh-uh." I'd reply. With even more skepticism you'd toss out, "Instagram?" "Foursquare?" … [Read more...]