My Name is Erin Book Review for Preteen and Teenage Girls And Giveaway!

My Name is Erin by Erin Davis book series review and giveaway cover photo

Have you ever attended a class or special event and a speaker launched into a topic that was something you desperately needed help/teaching/guidance with, and then when your hopes were high the speaker ended up addressing the topic through the lense of stereotypes that you didn't fit and suddenly you were just as hopeless as ever? I have. My husband and I have challenges, … [Read more...]

Patriotic DIY Artwork Easy Picture Tutorial for July 4th!

patriotic artwork project tutorial picture walkthru

Thanks for stopping by Satisfaction Through Christ today. We're making July 4th decorating easy this year by walking you through this Independence Day Patriotic DIY wall art! It's quick and easy. YOU can do this! We'd love to hear what you think, so make sure you share this DIY with crafty friends and leave us a comment!     [Tweet "Don't you just love … [Read more...]

How To Find Modest Outfit Ideas on Polyvore

Polyvore Pins on Pinterest How To Find Modest Clothes Sets

    A few months ago I experienced a little disappointment on Pinterest. I know what you're thinking - that the only possible disappointment on Pinterest is your next failed DIY that looked so easy on So & So's board. While I'll admit that my inability to follow-through on brilliant pins is genuinely disappointing, it wasn't a DIY or tip pin that … [Read more...]

Bible Memory Beginnings for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Bible Memory Beginnings for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Before our son was born, the topic that Paul and I spent the most time discussing and praying about was Joseph's spiritual future. Spiritual future. If you've never heard that term before, take a second and let it soak in a bit. The spiritual future of your child is everything that you put before him or her, every lesson, good or bad you teach, every glimpse of Jesus in … [Read more...]

From This Day Forward – Praying for your Marriage

From This Day Forward: Praying For Your Marriage | Satisfaction Through Christ

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting STC in such a tangible way! Praying for Your Marriage Praying for your marriage. Many wives or husbands do it when a relationship is teetering on crisis mode, or when a spouse has broken their heart. Some pray for their marriage when they read an exceptionally motivating book on relationships, or listen to a … [Read more...]