The Why’s and How’s of Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

We chose A Beka Book for our homeschool program!

Hey Mama! Yeah you, the one who is trying to research homeschooling options. I know you are weighing the pro's and con's and wandering around slightly confused. You may be wondering if you can really do this...? (You can!) You may be wondering if homeschooling is really worth it...? (It is!) Chances are, you are definitely wondering, should I purchase a homeschool curriculum? … [Read more...]

Life Verses for a Radical Modern Faith

What does the old testament mean for the faith of Christians today? Here is a good starting point from Shirley at Satisfaction Through Christ

Israel's Prophets Speak Out to Your Modern Faith The Old Testament isn't exactly the most joyous chunk of books to camp in. It's judgement heavy and light on mercy. The OT standard for living is set at practically perfect while the list of "Don'ts" is insurmountably long. And let's not forget those downright creepy moments that we all just want to gloss over. Of course we have … [Read more...]

Marriage And Friendship – Practical Tips for Becoming Your Spouse’s BFF

Becoming Best Friends with your Husband - Practical Tips for Turning your Marriage into your Best Friendship - From Shirley at Satisfaction Through Christ

Yesterday we chatted about Ruth - it reminded me of how much I love her story! - but it also brought to light a basic fact about marriage. Marriage is easier, and more worthwhile, when you have friendship with your spouse. After all who wants to go on weekend getaways with a grouch they can't stand, let alone face the day to day challenges that face every marriage? If you … [Read more...]

A New Attitude for a Strong Marriage

Did you know that the Book of Ruth teaches us a lesson about marriage long before she meets Boaz? Come learn about the crucial foundation of friendship that can strengthen your marriage! From Shirley @ Satisfaction Through Christ

We all know (and love!) the story of the Book of Ruth. Sweet, faithful Ruth, whose life seems over before it barely gets started, is given the joy of a husband and son. But did you know that the Book of Ruth teaches us a crucial lesson about marriage before Ruth even lays eyes on her future husband, Boaz? Perhaps you'll recognize this quote, "Do not urge me to leave you, or … [Read more...]

Simple Easter Activity for Young Kids Plus Free Easter Printables

Pinterest has no shortage of activities for kids for every holiday, Easter included. I could have chosen any one of those Easter activities for kids┬áto teach my son about Jesus' ultimate gift, but instead I created my own simple Easter activity for young kids. All you need is a printer and a few minutes of listening time from your youngster. Keep reading for a few bonus ideas … [Read more...]