Be a Successful Christian Woman by Rocking Ordinary

Do you long to be a successful Christian woman whose influence will have a significant positive effect on the world around you? Don't we all! Are you afraid that's a privilege reserved for a few select super-stars who've got it all together? That your life is too ordinary to merit a second glance or leave a lasting impression? This post contains affiliate links. Don't … [Read more...]

10 Practical Ways to Bless Foster Parents

Want to make an impact in your community? Serve a foster family. List of 10 practical ideas to bless foster parents from someone who's been there.

May is National Foster Care Month. Let's bless foster parents by recognizing their contribution and offering a little practical encouragement.   If you are or ever have been a foster parent, thank you. Thank you for dedicating your heart, your time, and your family to being a safe, secure, nurturing environment for children unable to currently remain with … [Read more...]

Identity In Christ: Worship Songs

Knowing your identity in Christ can bring you hope, peace & joy even in the midst of trials. Remember who you are with these Scriptures & worship songs.

Celebrate your identity in Christ with worship songs that proclaim unchangeable truth.   When Jesus' disciples learned that He would not remain with them to the end of their lives and ministries, they were distressed. Jesus wasn't trying to scare them with His promise of impending trials. Rather, he wanted to prepare them to live securely in the knowledge of … [Read more...]

Easter Gifts For Every Person Found In The Cross

Wonder why the cross is a central symbol of Christian faith? Consider the numerous Easter gifts God offers everyone through Christ's death and resurrection.

The best Easter gifts you'll find are wrapped up in the cross of Christ! Can you believe it's March already? That means Easter is just around the corner! These words, from the song, Jesus, Thank You, come to mind as I think about the annual celebration of Christ's death and resurrection: The mystery of the cross I cannot comprehend, The agonies of Calvary. You … [Read more...]

God Is For You: Scripture Meditations

Feeling alone or doubting your place or ability,? You need to know that God is for you. Encourage your heart with these Scripture meditations.

On days when it feels like everyone in your world is against you, encourage your heart with Scriptures that prove God is for you.   I stood at the sink, tears dripping into the dishwater. It had been an extra hard few days of parenting. Of trying to understand the issues accurately, of trying to make the right decisions, respond the right way. I was more … [Read more...]