Why Your Daughters Need to Be in Your Bible Study!

I grew up going to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night! All of that time spent except for the worship service I was in a group with other kids. I know some church’s today even separate the littles and the youth from the worship service? More on that another time! Today some churches have small groups that meet in different homes at different times during the week for Bible Study.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with all of these different classes. But what I am saying is that maybe we need to rethink some things.

Have you ever thought about having your daughters in your “Women’s Bible Study Class?’ Me either? Not until God gave me two lovely girls and a desire to train them up to know and fear the One true God. It is so easy to get caught up in tradition and what has always been, that we do not think maybe somethings need to change. I hope this post gives all of us something to think and pray about.

Why Your Daughters Need to Be in Your Bible Study | Satisfaction Through Christ


It is  the parents responsibility to train their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. No Bible study, youth group, or church can take the place of this responsibility. But, the scriptures  do teach mentoring and encouraging. We learn this from the teachings of Paul in Titus 2. God, not Paul is instructing the older women to encourage and teach the younger women. But first, He instructs them to be reverent in their behavior, not gossips nor enslaved too much wine but to teach what is good. Godly character begins with the study of God’s word.

There are many ways that older women can mentor and encourage the younger women but I would like to suggest that one of these ways is in Bible Study. I have led several Bible Study classes and currently hold one in my home. In all of these classes, there are young girls. We study the same lessons and the girls participate in the discussion as well. My girls started participating in my “Women’s Bible Study”  when they were 6 & 8 years old. Young, I know! It took extra work on my part because I had to train them how to study through the questions and help them answer. I am humbled to say that today at 16 & 18 they are independent of me and study on their own. Because they study on their own they are growing in their own relationship with Christ.

If our daughters are ALWAYS with the younger generation how will they learn to be a mentor and an encourager when they are older? I asked my daughters what they liked about being in a mixed age group of women. Here are some of the things they mentioned.

They See You:



Your dedication to God and His word

They Learn:

From your experience

From your wisdom and insight

Bible Study is not a time to get away or a time for women to get together and gossip! It is an opportune time to train the next generation of women to know the word of God. To come alongside them and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. The church is missing the mark by segregating the older generation from the younger generation. They need our wisdom and discernment, and encouragement.

{NOTE} It is very important that you are in a Bible Study that is teaching the Bible! I know that sounds obvious but there are a ton of studies out there that cater to the flesh. As believers, our number one priority is to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.

Having the younger generation mixed in with the older generation has been a wonderful experience for us. I would not change it for anything. Moms, give it a try!


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I am Lisa. I am blessed to be married to my high school sweetheart, Roy. Through some ups and downs, God has blessed us with three beautiful children, Andrew, Sarah, and Hannah. God has also blessed us by divinely placing another beautiful young woman in our lives. On June 13th, 2015, our son Andrew married Katie, giving me and Roy another daughter. We could not be happier! Lisa now homeschools Sarah and Hannah. God has placed a desire in her heart to study His word. Lisa has a passion for knowing God and grow in her relationship with Jesus Christ. She wants to know the truth of the Word and to share that truth with you. Lisa desires to walk with women of all ages through a study of God’s word by offering free Bible studies and encouragement through prayer and weekly blog posts. You can follow Lisa on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and google + . Lisa blogs at www.conformingtothetruth.com


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