Simple Easter Activity for Young Kids Plus Free Easter Printables

Pinterest has no shortage of activities for kids for every holiday, Easter included. I could have chosen any one of those Easter activities for kids to teach my son about Jesus’ ultimate gift, but instead I created my own simple Easter activity for young kids. All you need is a printer and a few minutes of listening time from your youngster. Keep reading for a few bonus ideas to keep this activity fresh in your child’s mind for several days.

Easter Activity for Young Kids for the Mom Who Isn't a Teacher! From Shirley at Satisfaction Through Christ


I’m one of those mom’s with the best intentions. I’ve printed off dozens of homeschool printable packets, zillions of holiday activities and endless Bible learning posts from wonderful bloggers around the web. But I often feel a large dose of mommy guilt as the seasons pass and I fail to get through that pile of ridiculously cute, but time consuming material. I’m a mom of a boy who has an itsy bitsy attention span and I’ve got a newborn on my hands. So I decided to bypass the mommy guilt this year. I made a little sweet printable that will help me speak two truths to my son about Easter. Just two things that I want him to understand about Resurrection Sunday. I’m sharing them with you because I suspect there are some other good-intentioned-but-definitely-not-a-teacher moms out there! (I’m raising my hand sister!)

As I was preparing this Easter activity for kids  I focused on a couple of simple musts:

It had to be about Jesus
It had to be cute
It had to be simple
It had to be usable for those who only have access to black and white printing (or just want to save money by not using up the color ink cartridge!)

Easter Teaching Activity Free Printable for Young Kids with Learning Suggestions! From Satisfaction Through Christ

All you have to do is download this image, print it out and cut it in half. I suggest card stock if you want it to be durable for little hands.

To use simply read each truth to your child and have your child repeat it back to you. Then read the verses together. Do this three or four times through the Easter season to help reinforce God’s love.

Here are three suggestions for keeping your child interested.

  1. Put the printed cards in front of your child with an M&M candy in each of the three hoops. Let him/her eat one candy after you read the Easter truth and one candy after each verse is read.
  2. Ask your child to pretend to be a bunny rabbit. Tell him to listen carefully for you to say “hop!” If he hops 3 times he wins a treat (like a sticker!) Say hop once after reading the truth and once after each verse.
  3. Let your child use a baby carrot to “finger paint” little orange carrots for the bunny to munch on. As it dries let your kiddo snack on carrots while you read through the Easter truths and verses.

Any or all of these over a period of two or three weeks will be a fun easy way to help your child grasp the reason we get so excited about Resurecction Sunday.


I also wanted to throw in an Easter print for parents as well. I know so many of us have unsaved loved ones (I’ve got several on my heart right now!) One of the easiest ways to be a witness in your own home is with Christ-focused artwork. So simply print it out, stick in a 8 by 10 dollar store frame and voila!


Easter Artwork to help families celebrate Resurrection Sunday from Shirley at Satisfaction Through Christ

You can download both of these prints simply by clicking through to the Dropbox file. It’s super simple. From there you can easily print out these Easter printables.

I hope you all have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday and I hope your little ones have wonderful seeds of truth planted in their hearts this year! Be blessed friends!


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