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My husband Paul, and I adore spending time together and we love a good date night. But we’re not so crazy about crowds, distractions, and expensive venues and restaurants with odd menus. Suffice it to say, our favorite date nights are the ones we’ve had at home! We’ve come up with some really creative at home date nights over the years, but our all-time favorite is staying home and playing together. Board games, card games. If it’s fun, easy to learn (for me!) and challenging or strategic (for him!) then we’ll give it a go. But searching out board games for two players is an ordeal.

My husband and I love the chance to take a date night, but we also love dating at home! We're dishing on our favorite board games so you can try it too! From Shirley @ Satisfaction Through Christ

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner I thought I’d share some of our favorite board games with you. Perhaps you’re a homebody like me, or you don’t want to dish out the cash for V-day this year. Stop and pick up a board game or two and spend time laughing with your hubby as you both fumble through the rules the first time through. You just might get addicted! Below are five board games for two players perfect for the fun-loving couple!

I promise, if you love playing board games and having a good time with your spouse, these board games will make you laugh! Remember to have fun and to make it a light-hearted night!
If you’re new to the world of board games, or you are used to old school fun like UNO and Dominoes, then start with something pretty simple.
LOST CITIES is actually a card or “deck” game. This game is easy to learn, simple rules, and has pretty fast game play. So if you and your hubby are in the “young kids who don’t always sleep at night” stage, (I totally know how you feel!) then this game is perfect for you! If you and your spouse are consistently exhausted or find a lot of tension from long days, pop this game out for fifteen minutes of stress-free time. It will do wonders for you.


If you’ve ever played a tile-placing game before then you know how fun it can be to push the limits to create a winning strategy.
CARCASSONNE is hands down one of the funnest tile based games on the market. Paul always outwits me when we play this, but I love trying my hand at it anyway. If you aren’t in the young kids stage of life, this is a great game to leave out on the coffee table to be played over several nights, or over the weekend.


Raise your hand if you are a Scrabble lover! Paul and I both grew up playing Scrabble and we are both book worms, so word games are always big in our home.
QUIDDLER is one of the funnest twists on word games that I’ve seen in a long time. With surprising rules and quick game play, this game never gets old. Bonus – this game has a set of rules that allows you to play solo. Perfect for those rare lazy days we all long for!


For the more advance board and deck gamers, there is a relatively new-kid-on-the-block game that is epic amounts of fun.
SMASH UP is a Shufflebuilding game with endless curveballs. I was wary of this game because some modern games have elements that I don’t allow in my home. However I took the chance and bought it for Paul for his birthday. We love it. No hocus-pocus elements, just card against card fun.


Next up is a game that is pulling in rave reviews AND is specifically designed just for two players. I’m always looking for that whenever Paul and I want to add a new game to our collection.
MORELS is one of those truly unique games that is destined to be a one-of-a-kind classic. Another one that can be played in about half an hour, it’s a great choice even for the busy or tired couple. (And just so you know I raised my hand for both of those!)

Top Board Games for Couples: Board, Card, or Deck Games that can be played with just two people plus a mobile game tip you probably don't know from Shirley at Satisfaction Through Christ

There you have it five of the funnest board games for couples! Or groups if you decide to have friends or family over.


BONUS: Did you know Hasbro, INC has app versions of several of their popular board games? Paul and I love playing a game of mobile Risk whenever where looking for quick game play but are too tired to move.


Do you and your husband play board games together? What’s your favorite?


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Shirley spends her days fulfilling her purpose of biblical homemaking and motherhood. She is wild about her husband, Paul, who shares her passion for encouraging young marriages. Together they are wading into a homesteading life on a few acres in south Georgia.


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    Great post Shirley. My husband and I love to play games together too! As a matter of fact, we played them a lot while we were dating. I think it’s a great way to spend some time together. I am going to have to check out of couple of the games you mentioned. We are always in the market for a new game. Morels really caught my attention. Like you sometimes I’m just to tired for a long game.

    • says

      Thanks for commenting, Kelly. Some of the longer games are really fun, but during this season of our lives we just cant spare that much time. Someday we will!

  2. says

    So glad to have your suggestions, Shirley. Games are one of our go-to date nights and we’ve never tried any of these. Looking forward to the new fun in store!

    • says

      I love hearing that other couples and families use board games to spend time together. Now if only I could come up with a good storage solution for our growing stash of games. 😉

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