15 Confessions of a Christian Mom

Come on!  You know we all have them!  What am I talking about?  Mom confessions!  You know, the things that you’re pretty sure someone else you know has done before but you haven’t shared out of embarrassment or guilt?  Below is a list of those very types of confessions!  Enjoy!

15 Confessions of a Christian Mom | Satisfaction Through Christ

1. “One Sunday afternoon, my pastor called to tell me I had forgotten my 5 year old son at church.  Apparently, my son had been running behind my car yelling, ‘Mom, you forgot me!'”

2. “My dog nipped my daughter in the face not once but three times. She lives outside now—the dog, not my daughter.”

3. “I locked my daughter in a running car for 25 minutes one time. I’d just nursed her and her Baby Einstein tunes were on, thank goodness!  A “random” cop driving by pried my door open and the nightmare was finally over.”

4. “I only bathe my 2 year old daughter about 3 times a week.”

5. “Some days I forget to brush my teeth and put on deoderant.”

6. “My son fell off the changing table onto the hardwood floor when he was 5 months old while I was leaning over to get the wipes. I cried longer than he did.”

7. “My daughter stayed in the hospital for a week when she was 2 months old. She had diarrhea and once when I was wiping her bottom I wiped up and a piece of poop flew right into her mouth and down the hatch.”

8. “My daughter often comes up to me with her hands dirty from food crumbs. If I don’t have a napkin handy, I usually just lick them clean. One time, it wasn’t food crumbs. It was poop.”

9. “One weekend we rode home with the windows down in 35 degree weather because my 4 month old has to have the windows down when we drive.”

10. “My husband found our daughter chewing something one time.  When she showed him what it was, it was an empty silica packet!”

11. “I’ve used the bathroom multiple times while wearing my daughter in a wrap, if you know what I mean…”

12. “Once my husband and I were talking in the kitchen and our daughter was playing in my purse on the floor.  I looked down to realize she’d opened my Advil bottle and had one in her mouth!”

13. “One time when my daughter was 2 years old and suffering with allergies, I decided to give her some clear children’s Zyrtec in a medicine cup.  I began chasing her around the house while she was running and screaming because she didn’t want to take the medicine.  I finally caught her, sat on top of her, pried her mouth open, and dumped the medicine down her throat.  Later that afternoon I looked on the window sill and saw the medicine cup with the clear medicine in it.  I had a newborn at the time so I remember things were chaotic.  Apparently, I had chased my daughter all around the house, sat on her, and poured AIR down her throat.”

14. “I was teaching my son how to ride a bike without training wheels, running behind him, the whole bit.  He was whining and not really trying, so in a brilliant mommy moment, I picked his little bike up off the street, threw it into the ditch (full of water) and told that boy if he wanted to ride that bike he could pull it out and do it himself!”

15. “We travel a lot with small children.  Even though our daughter is potty trained, we keep the old training potty in our car for long road trips.  On those long trips, when we’re 50+ miles from any store or we don’t want to wake the baby, I proudly sit on that tiny, green froggy potty in the back floorboard and go.  Hey, if it keeps the baby asleep and saves time, I’m all about it!”

If you enjoyed reading this list of confessions, please share and add your own confession while you’re at it! Use #confessionsofachristianmom so we can find you!

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