15 More Texts for your Husband – Little Encouragements

15 Text Messages That Just Might Rock Your Hubby’s Day!

Recently I let you take a peek into my marriage and one of the ways my husband, Paul, and I encourage one another. We are forever whispering sweet nothings via text messages. It’s one of our favorite ways to remind one another of our love each and every day.

I’ve seen my romantic or flirty sms pick Paul’s day up and turn it completely around.

& I’ve seen Paul’s thoughtful notes give me the motivation to endure the bumpiest of days.

15 More Texts to Rock Your Husband's Day! | Satisfaction Through Christ | Looking for ways to encourage your hubby or make sure your spouse knows how much you love him? This post has some great ideas. Don't forget to check out the original for 30 other texting ideas!

Texts, little love notes, the sweetest messages you can think of, and the occasional flirty sms are a great, easy, free way to rock your husband’s world. So if you loved the first post we published with 30 Text Message Ideas for your Spouse, I hope you’ll enjoy 15 more, plus a bonus idea at the end of this post!

  1. “I couldn’t imagine a better man than you!”
  2. “I scored big time when I married you.”
  3. “You work so hard for us babe. I just love you!”
  4. “This wife is missing her husband!”
  5. “You should treat yourself to lunch at your favorite restaurant today.”
  6. “Do you want me to give you a massage tonight?”
  7. “Think about me. Any way you’d like. 😉 😉 “
  8. “I’m amazed by everything you do. You do good babe.”
  9. “You’re the man. And I’m the very happy wife of the man.”
  10. “I hope you have an unexpectedly good day!”
  11. “You know I love you desperately, right?”
  12. “I can’t stop thinking about you today?”
  13. “Good morning hottie! I’m missing you today.”
  14. “It’s so hard to get anything done with all these daydreams I’m having about you. 😉 😉 “
  15. “No other wife can claim a hunk like you!”

Here’s a bonus idea for adding a bit of romantic spice to your daily marriage!

STC shares a simple way to send your spouse a text blitz to brighten their day or perhaps flirt a bit! | Satisfaction Through Christ

So what’s a text blitz? It’s pretty simple. I reserve it for special occasions. Days when I know that I know that I want to be, um, romantically inclined that night, (Hey, I’m a Christian, but that doesn’t change the fact that I L-O-V-E my husband!) Or days that I know Paul is really discouraged and needs some encouragement. I choose these days to send a text blitz.

You start with saying “Babe” (or Hunk, or Love-Pie, whatever you call your man.) Send a text message with just that word. Send another text message with the next word or phrase, and so on until you’ve blitzed him with your really sweet message.

Here’s an example:

Text One: Hunk
Text Two: I am thinking
Text Three: about all the reasons
Text Four: that I love you.
Text Five: You’re so thoughtful
Text Six: charming
Text Seven: handsome
Text Eight: & wonderful to me.
Text Nine: I’m thinking about
Text Ten: you
Text Eleven: and
Text Twelve: me
Text Thirteen: tonight.
Text Fourteen: Start thinking about it too. 😉

I’m totally blushing sharing this with you, but this is exactly the kind of blitz of text messages that I would send my husband. (I would try to send it when I know he is taking his lunch break, so he has time to enjoy it.)

It sounds cheesy, but you better believe, most men will have trouble hiding their smile by the end of a well-played, sincere text blitz. Try it out and see how it goes. Enjoy it!

Do you plan to try out any of these texts for your husband? Do you have any additional suggestions?


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Shirley spends her days fulfilling her purpose of biblical homemaking and motherhood. She is wild about her husband, Paul, who shares her passion for encouraging young marriages. Together they are wading into a homesteading life on a few acres in south Georgia.


  1. says

    Me and my husband are so detached from our phones – we’re just not “phone people” so I know a little text like this would truly surprise him and brighten his day! Sharing on Facebook!

  2. Joseph D.S. Blackie Jr. says

    Text messages lifted me high above the fear of talking face to face with my wife months before we started courtship. I used quotes like ‘you are the sun that radiate my darkness, the dew that rolls away the fear of dryness and the wind that brings joy to a son-less father can you marry me?’

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