Sunday Blog Prayer – Week Twenty Two


Happy December friends! I took a little break from our Blogging Through the Bible free printables during November, although I tried my best to keep up with the daily reading. Over the past few weeks a few changes have taken place in the program. (Including plans for weekdays only, meaning five days a week rather than seven.)
If you’ve missed some of the changes or you just catch up with the program when you have time you can easily pop by Women Living Well’s Good Morning Girls page. It has all the news, updates, devotions, linkups, and of course WLW’s own printable resources for Blogging Through the Bible. Remember though, the whole goal is to provide Bible-reading accountability and encouragement while avoiding plans that overwhelm us and add unholy guilt to our hearts.

Okay, now I want to tell you about this week’s free 5 by 7 prayer journal printable. When I read this verse from Psalm 9:9 – I felt, again, God’s ever-promise to be a strength for us. I don’t know about you, but I’m increasingly in need of the strength of the Messiah. I chose to prepare a printable for you that was bold and powerful in black and white text – when you look at this printable remember that God’s promises are not faint, they are not weak – they are declarations of the always-victorious God-King.


Psalm 9 verse 9 free printable from Satisfaction Through Christ



Just click on the printable to download and print! Don’t forget you can browse all of STC’s free Christian printables or you can follow our Pinterest board full of printables for Christian women and families!


We’re still asking you to remember STC at the start of each week with a quick prayer! Thanks for praying for us!

Satisfaction Through Christ blog is looking for prayer partners who will lift up our e-ministry for Christian women! Just a one line prayer, once a week. Every Sunday


We’d love to have you pray for our e-ministry. We are a blog written by and for Christian women!
Here’s what this Sunday prayer is all about.

  • We are asking our viewers to pray for STC, as a ministry to women.
  • We’ll be posting one line prayer needs once a week, on Sundays.
  • Come by, read it, PRAY it. It will take less than a minute.
  • Share it if you feel led to.

A Christian blog for women is reaching out for prayer partners? Will you pray for our e-ministry? | Satisfaction Through Christ



Don’t forget to stop by Good Morning Girls and thank Courtney and her team for all the printables and plans they’ve created to help us through the Bible (however long it takes!)

blogging through the bible -gmg - Women Living Well | Satisfaction Through Christ

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