Sunday Blog Prayer – Week Twenty Five

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been asking you, our readers, to pray for us for 25 weeks now! I’m so blessed to know that there are women out there who are praying for the mission of STC!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! (And are looking forward to a new year in Christ!)

And I hope you have all enjoyed these quickie Sunday posts where we’ve done a little praying, done a little reading, and snagged a free printable or two!

We have some changes planned for the Weekly Blog Prayer Posts as 2015 rolls in, but I’ll tell you more about those changes in January. In the meantime, will you pray this prayer with us?

Will you start praying for our blog? Just a one line prayer, once a week! | Satisfaction Through Christ

We’d love to have you pray for our e-ministry. We are a blog written by and for Christian women!
Here’s what this Sunday blog prayer is all about.

  • We are asking our viewers to pray for STC, as a ministry to women.
  • We’ll be posting one line prayer needs once a week, on Sundays.
  • Come by, read it, PRAY it. It will take less than a minute.
  • Share it if you feel led to.

A Christian blog for women is reaching out for prayer partners? Will you pray for our e-ministry? | Satisfaction Through Christ



If you want to become more involved with Satisfaction Through Christ in 2015, take a moment to browse the site; reach out to us and get to know us a bit more. You may be find your faith renewed simply by reading our faith statement, you may feel a call to write for God’s Kingdom after reading our Guest Posting Guidelines. Or you maybe in 2015, you will grow your faith by volunteering in our e-ministry.

If you just want to connect, and interact with us, take a moment to connect with us on our social media platforms.


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Shirley spends her days fulfilling her purpose of biblical homemaking and motherhood. She is wild about her husband, Paul, who shares her passion for encouraging young marriages. Together they are wading into a homesteading life on a few acres in south Georgia.

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