Sunday Blog Prayer – Week Nineteen

By now you all know that I love having the opportunity to connect with Christians online and around the world. As a contributor here at Satisfaction Through Christ, I get to do just that, and not a week goes by that I don’t “meet” a new Christ-loving friend.

Introducing new iPhone app, Fellowshiper! A new social network built for Christians, find out why Satisfaction Through Christ blog is a fan! | Satisfaction Through Christ

Recently, I found out about a new app (and had the chance to try it out!) that is all about connecting Christ followers all over the world! I didn’t waste much time getting one of the app’s founders, Justin’s, permission to introduce the app to all of you!

Friends, this brand new iPhone App, Fellowshiper, is really getting my attention. I’ll tell you why, but first let me tell you what you can do with the Fellowshiper app. Say you read a Bible verse and it’s jumping off the page at you. It holds a promise from God that you’re crazy excited about or it reveals how wonderfully gentle God is, even when He calls us to repentance, and you’re bursting at the seams to share it! This is where Fellowshiper comes in. Simply open the app, type up your tweet-length thoughts, include the Bible verse, and maybe even a quick prayer. (Take a moment to select a bold, bright and fun color combo) Then send it out!

Christian iPhone app for believers around the world. Share faith-inspired, Bible-based thoughts about God's word, prayer, and Christian issues. Enjoy the Bible through the minds and hearts of Christ followers all over the world.

I love Fellowshiper because it’s an endless supply of other believer’s thoughts, prayers, and passions. You don’t just see people you are following or friends who have lives identical to yours. You get to read the thoughts, comment on the revelations, and benefit from the faith of Christians around the world. Okay, I guess you can tell why I’m more than a little excited about Fellowshiper. But in case you can’t, here’s a recap:

  • Super-simple
  • Scripture based
  • Promotes unity among Christians
  • It’s not about “following each other,” it’s about “following Christ together!”

I want to share some of Justin’s words with you, because I love the heart behind the Fellowshiper app, and I think you will to.

Why did we develop Fellowshiper?
  • The Church needs to still have a sense of community and our App can help make that happen, as well as sustain the church’s need to stay connected.
  • There needs to be an App that serves the Christian in a better way, and most current apps have not done well to encourage people to get encouragement from other believers. 
  • The App can helps Pastors attend to the needs of their sheep easily.
  • The App can be a platform for believers to worship God in spirit and in truth.

He’s got a a good point. Have you ever noticed that 90% of the Christian apps out there allow you to study the Bible or read it, but you’re on your own. Fellowshiper encourages you to be in God’s word, WITH others. It’s an app that I think the New Testament Christians would have liked, after all how often did they insist on the church staying connected, being unified, and it sure was a lot of harder back then!

I hope you’ll head to the app store, download it and try it out! I’ll see you there! Don’t have an iPhone? It sounds like Fellowshiper will be available on Android within the next three months!



Weekly Blog Prayer Number Nineteen. Just a one line prayer, once a week for a christian e-ministry. Will you pray with us? | Satisfaction Through Christ blog

Thank you for joining our weekly blog prayer!
You are all awesome friends, and we are praying for you too!

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    LuAnn, so am I! I’ve just really enjoyed thinking about Bible verses through the lives of other Christians around the world. I love to just scroll through the recent postings and read what others think about different parts of God’s word.

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