Will You Pray With Us? A Call to Weekly Blog Prayer

Satisfaction Through Christ is putting out a call to prayer to all our readers, and to any who have been ministered to by an e-ministry. We aren't just a blog, Satisfaction Through Christ is written by women who are called to serve God through writing, online teaching and encouragement and outreach and we want you to pray with us!


STC is asking for blog prayer? What do we mean?

It’s quite possible that you’ve never seen a blog or website launch a weekly call to prayer. For the record, I’m not sure I have either.

And let’s be honest, the thought may never cross our minds to pray for a site or blog that ministers to us because we’re busy.
Or because when we’re the readers, we’re receiving (teaching, encouragement, inspiration, a lifeline, etc).
We don’t think about what we can do for the bloggers who work to bless us.  We click on a post, learn a bit, maybe share it with a friend or pin it for later, and then we move on. And you know what? That’s okay.

We aren’t here to put you through seminary or coach every second of your lives, we simply want to be there for moments when you need encouragement, godly resources, or you’re ready to learn more about living life for King Jesus.

But (and I think I can speak for the heart of many Christian bloggers out there) if we could ask for one thing in return, one gift, one more moment of your time, it wouldn’t be to “leave a comment on every post you read,” or to “please pin this during Pinterest prime time,” or to “like/follow us on our dozens of social networking platforms.”

The one thing I would ask for would be your prayers. [Tweet “the authors of Satisfaction Through Christ are asking for your prayers.”]

I hope it doesn’t sound cheesy and I hope you hear my heart. I’m blogging for you, I’m writing for women who love Jesus and need encouraging, online, places to walk closer with Him.

I'm praying for this blog to bring glory to God, to minister to the women of His kingdom."


But I’m not serving within this e-ministry for rewards, for fame, or even for the precious friendships it is already forging.

I’m writing, pinning, designing, planning, researching, editing, and PRAYING for this blog to bring glory to God, to minister to the women of His kingdom. We want your prayers because we are so desperately passionate about our God and our calling that we want your prayer support. Because we know that prayer = power.

We aren’t asking for hours of intercessory prayer (although if you’ve got the free time, feel free to lift me and my family up all you want!). What we are asking for is that each Sunday ,when our new blog prayer need goes live, that you take a moment to read it (it will be LOTS shorter than this. Who ever heard of a short intro post??) and simply pray over Satisfaction Through Christ. If you have a circle of friends who love to pray we’d love for you to share it with them as well.

Satisfaction Through Christ wants you to begin praying for our blog, and any blog or e ministry that ministers to you. Will you begin praying with us for our content and for our authors?

So, lets step back a minute.

  • We are asking our viewers to pray for STC as a ministry to women.
  • We’ll be posting one line prayer needs each Sunday.
  • Come by, read it, PRAY it – it’ll take less than a minute!
  • Share it if you feel led to.

One last thing, thank you all from the bottom of my heart, those of you who will begin praying with us and those of you who support Satisfaction Through Christ in other ways. I’m already asking God to remind me to pray often for you, the readers of STC, and for this ministry and HIS work here.

Satisfaction Through Christ Contributing Author Shirley. Writing about Christian Living, Marriage, Parenting, Homemaking and occassionally DIY fun!

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Shirley spends her days fulfilling her purpose of biblical homemaking and motherhood. She is wild about her husband, Paul, who shares her passion for encouraging young marriages. Together they are wading into a homesteading life on a few acres in south Georgia.


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