Sunday Blog Prayer – Week One

pray with us for our blog / e ministry. take one moment to say a one line prayer and lets see what God can do

To those who see this, to those who pray it: thank you to everyone who is beginning this prayer journey with us. The authors of Satisfaction Through Christ are so grateful for your prayers because we believe that God can do great things when His daughters unite in prayer. If you are joining us for this – our very first week of our weekly blog prayer requests – we are grateful to have you.

If you are not sure what this is about, please take a moment to read a bit about our hearts and why we are asking our viewers, subscribers, and readers to join us in prayer – to pray for us – here at the intro post.

Or if you need just a brief reminder – here is a summary of the intro post.

  • We are asking our viewers to pray for STC – as a ministry to women.
  • We’ll be posting one line prayer needs each Sunday.
  • Come by, read it, PRAY it. It will take less than a minute.
  • Share it if you feel led to.

Blog for women wants you to partner in prayer with them? Will you take a moment each Sunday to take their ministry to the Lord?

You can also keep up with our weekly prayer updates via our Facebook Community Group For Women by joining the following link.

Christian Community for Women

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