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Karina talks about the desire to serve in the Kingdom of God | Satisfaction Through Christ

When it comes to serving and ministry, there are so many misconceptions about the needs of people and how to meet those needs. Often, the needs themselves can outweigh the help that is being offered to meet them.  I know that when I look at the needs of the world and even my community, it’s overwhelming.

 Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

It is not only a command of God to care for the lost, hurting and broken, it is His very heartbeat.

Serving the Church

There are a few key ways in which I have learned to serve that seem the most natural.

What are your passions?

What makes you come alive? What are those places, experiences, causes and even people that bring you joy? If you don’t know what those are, ask God to help you to discover the things that God has given you a heart for and start there.

What are your burdens?

What makes you cry? What keeps you up at night? What problem in the world do you want to rally behind and bring awareness and a solution to? Emily Freeman always says to pay attention to the things that make you cry. This is a tell tale sign of where your heart is.

What’s in your hand?

This is the probably the hardest for people to grasp. When we compare ourselves to other people< we don’t think that we have anything to offer but we do. What are the resources that God has entrusted you with? Look at your time, your talent, your treasure and figure out how they tie into your passions and burdens. We are to be good stewards over each of those resources in order to further His Kingdom.

My church has challenged me so much in the area of serving.  We have numerous ministries that meet numerous needs in our community and around the world. I want to highlight a couple of those ministries because of how they began. They weren’t started by our pastor or even a staff member. They exist because members of our church discovered their passions, burdens and used what was in their hands.

The Life of a Single Mom ministries began in the heart of then single mom Jennifer Maggio. She desired to create a space in the church where single moms could find Jesus and support from the local body. The Lord has shown this ministry immense favor across the country. Jennifer as since developed curriculum and resources that are now available for other churches to access.

During a 24 hour prayer event, a few of our youth boys and our youth pastor were praying around midnight. They ended their shift and were about to head home when one of the boys asked the pastor if they were done. He felt a stirring that something need to happen. Then he had an idea of going to Walmart and buying some blankets to pass out to the homeless. The youth pastor was thrilled with the idea! With the kids’  parents permission, that is just what they did. Now, our homeless ministry feeds and assists hundreds of homeless men and women in Baton Rouge every week.

It is that simple!

What are your passions?

What are your burdens?

What’s in your hand?

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I am a devoted follower of Jesus! I love singing, writing, reading, acting and dancing. I am the artsy girl! I love teaching and mentoring the next generation, serving and missions. I love the local church especially the one I attend, Healing Place Church. I love teaching God's word and encouraging His daughters to live out His calling on their lives. I love my Pastors and my friends. They are like family to me. And I absolutely LOVE concerts, conferences and retreats! But the most important thing to me is that I live out Isaiah 26:8. May Everything I do be For His Name and His Renown.

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  1. Haylee says

    Great way of breaking serving down and making it easier for people to see where their passions can lead them to serve at the church. I love your heart for the local church!

  2. says

    I absolutely love this article! I think too often Christians go to church with a “what can I get out of it” attitude, when we are really there to serve. And there are so many fantastic ways to serve, that we really have no good excuse for not doing it.

    • says

      Hey Brittany! A pastor friend of mine always talks about the difference between being a consumer and a contributor. I have never forgotten this! I always want to have my eyes opened to the needs around me and how I can offer my little and watch how God makes much of it. Thanks for reading!

    • says

      Sorry it took me so long to reply friend! Thank you! There are always ways to serve and always people that need help. We just need to open our eyes and hearts.

  3. keijo says

    Amen to be servant to the lord even today and joy for every opportune ,when we be called to do something to our neighbors or to our wife or husband in bessing and in care and in rich touch from God after into reap harvest with good things ,thanks and bles and win,keijo sweden

    • says

      Thank you Keijo! It is a huge joy to love and serve like Jesus does. It is our call as His children. There is a beautiful blessing that comes along with a life well lived in serving.

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