Back for good…I hope!

Obviously I’ve been away for a few months…

I started this blog with every intention of chronicling our road to foster care/adoption/pregnancy. I derailed when a few “readers” scoffed at the idea! But, then I thought, I’m doing this for God’s glory, not my own, nor anyone else’s so…with that aside…I’m back!

I doubt that I have any readers out here in the “blogosphere”…but, one of these days, I pray that someone, somewhere will run into my little spot on the internet (by divine providence, of course) and that they would take something away from it. I don’t know that I’ll update often, but I may, and until then, here’s the last 3 months in a “nutshell”.

When I last posted, we had finished our classes at our local DSS and we were waiting to hear who our social worker would be and get our home study done and on the road to fostering. Well, come mid-November, my mother-in-law (in Alabama) became sick and we decided that the best option for her, would be to move her to North Carolina. So, my mother-in-law and two brother-in-laws have been living with us for two months now and our home study has been put on hold…for the time being.

So, come in January 12, 2010…the earthquake in Haiti…and my mind and heart changed…forever.

From that day, until this moment, my heart and mind have been consumed by international adoption. We looked into adopting from Haiti (which is impossible at the moment) but we realized that we weren’t old enough nor had we been married long enough…even if the earthquake wouldn’t have happened.

So, my heart turned to Ethiopia, and I’ve been “stuck”. Every morning I find myself waking up to thoughts of adoption. I pray every day (fervently) that God would point me (and my husband) in the right direction. I am almost certain that adoption is where He’s leading us…but, how to go about that is scary…

My dilemma(s) are:

  1. What about fostering? We felt God calling us to do that…how would we do both? Could we do both? Maybe we “heard” wrong…
  2. How would we pay for it? Adoption from Ethiopia costs upwards of $20,000 or more. And depending on how we funded it, would we be living up to Romans 13:8?

Well…the only answer I have so far is knowing that if this is God’s will for our lives…he will provide. Should we be so scared to do something that would further the Kingdom? Well, yes, I don’t believe that God said it wouldn’t be scary…that’s what faith is about, right?

I firmly believe that (if this is God’s will for our lives) this would be the biggest step of faith I’ve EVER taken…and I truly believe that God is waiting to show me how AWESOME he really is (I already know that but sometimes my finite mind can’t wrap itself around that HUGE concept!)

So, anyway, I say all of this to say…please PRAY for us…fervently. Pray that we would be in tune with God and therefore one another. Pray that we wouldn’t let this opportunity pass us by because we’re “scared” or don’t think we can pay for it. Pray that if this is not what God has for our lives right now, that I can deal with that, and that we can have clear direction on where He wants us to be.

James 1:27

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.

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Christie is a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful little girls, a pastor's wife, and lover of Jesus. Her hope is that STC would be a source of encouragement for women all over the world!

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  1. Amy says

    Praying with you and believing… because I know He always keeps His promises. Keep your eyes on HIM, don’t listen to what the world tells you, don’t let the fear paralize you from doing His work.

  2. linds says

    Don’t ever feel like you shouldn’t blog about what is going on in your lives. I can’t even tell you how much reading other people’s adoption blogs have helped me get through the toughest times of faith. Keep at it girl! :0)

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